Once you start to wear more color, it’s hard to go back. However, it is a balancing act. There are few ways to incorporate color and still look chic. I got some ideas on how to do that!

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This post was originally published in July 2019 and updated March 2022.

Wearing Color

How I Started Wearing Color

My love of color started about fifth grade. That’s when I decided to be a “punk rocker” every Halloween. I went to a parochial school and had to wear a uniform.


Additionally, myself and my siblings were three of the four students of color, who were Black. So, I stood out. I figured that I might as well double down on being unique. This costume would do the trick.


Let me tell you why this was my go to costume. First, that was the only day that my mom would let me I wear makeup! Second, I still hadn’t figured out how to do my hair yet. So, I jumped at the opportunity to wear a wig. Lastly, I could wear whatever I wanted. It felt so liberating!

Wearing Color

I packed on some Wet n’ Wild and my mom’s makeup. Then, I threw on colorful combos like yellow stirrup leggings, a multi-colored sweatshirt, and a rainbow wig.

Wearing Color

The costume would vary each year but the spirit remained the same. An interesting sight to see, I am sure. Luckily, I grew out that. But, I still like wearing color. Enough about me and rainbow wigs. Let’s talk about why you should consider more color in your life.


Why Wear Color?

I like to wear color for a few reasons. Color can add a little pep in your step. It’s a way to shine bright in a sea of neutrals. Additionally, it speaks for you and says “I’m here“. Likewise, combining colors in different ways brings new life to outfits. It can communicate confidence. It gives a space for creativity. It’s ageless.

“Still, colors undoubtedly have an effect on our emotions and how we perceive others and the world around us”

Source: Popsugar

It’s Ok to be Seen

I have ideas on why I think some women won’t wear color. Deep down inside, in my opinion, a lot of us are still hung up on what people think. The fear is that we will look silly. We don’t want to look like we are “trying too hard”. Moreover, we don’t want to look like we have imposter syndrome.

I still sometimes get comments about what I am wearing. They aren’t necessarily compliments. More in the realm of “oh look at you”. Even though I’m used to it, they can be a bit off-putting. I just ignore them or say “I dressed up for you”. Most of the time I just ignore it.


What I have found is this – we don’t want to channel my “punk rocker” costume, no matter how fabulous my stirrups were. The idea is for color to work for you, not for it to be a distraction. More specifically, for it to bring your outfit to life.

Alright, here are some ideas to build some color into your outfits.


1. Start with One Piece

First, start small and build your way up. You can try things that match your comfort level. For instance, think about just trying one piece. It could be an accessory or shoes. Ease your way into it. Then work your way to top in a vibrant color.

Wearing Color

Not everyone wants to stand out of the crowd. I know some days I don’t feel like that. Some of you will be fine just adding a pop of color. And that’s good enough.

2. Try One Color

Second, you can begin with one color. I have a previous post All Things Red, where I discuss how to incorporate red. Maybe try a color that’s not too bold like blue or green. Also, you can try a different tone of a color you usually wear.

Additionally, starting with just one color gives you a chance to incorporate it into your existing wardrobe. Remember the post on How I Avoid Buying Items I Won’t Wear? I talked about how you want to make sure the items you buy will work with you already own. For example, if you go “all in” with a bunch of items you may end up with a lot to return. If you are like me, you are short on time, so you don’t need that.


3. When To Try Color

Lastly, there is one tip that I haven’t mentioned before. When you decide to try out wearing color matters. Let me explain. I do most of my style experimenting on the weekend. That gives me a chance to see if I feel comfortable.

Additionally, I can get feedback from my family. In contrast, wearing something different to work could throw off your entire day. Then you are stuck feeling uncomfortable hours. So, if you are just starting out with color, do a trial run on the weekend.

Wearing color

Did I get you to try more color? Let me know! Leave me a comment below so I can hear how it went!

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!  -Vivian

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