Five Curvy Girl Fitness Tips to Rock Your Workouts

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Are you a curvy girl nervous about working out?  I got you! Here are five curvy fitness tips to rock your next workout. 

The gym can be an intimidating place, especially for us curvy girls. However, remember that the gym is for all, regardless of shape or size. Here are tips to rock the gym!

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Wear What You Want and Feels Comfortable 

Wearing comfy gym clothes is a must. Moreover, wearing well-fitting workout clothes can significantly affect how you feel at the gym. 

What is Your Cury Fitness Journey Why

Keep your goals ever present to fuel your motivation. For example, your goals can range from building strength, getting fit, or simply feeling better.

Be Proud of What Your Body Can Do

You can be unstoppable when you silence the nonsensical standards of beauty that society sets. Remember that your body is super strong and wildly capable.

Start with Small Steps

Start where you are in your fitness journey.  More specifically, if you are new to working out at the gym or it has been a while, ease into it.

Build Your Hype Team

Create a positive circle of support around you. These don't have to be people who go to the gym with you. Maybe it is a friend you call as you head to the gym.

Begin Your Curvy Fitness Journey!

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