Aren’t sure how to style a mini pleated skirt? Take a look in your closet and you’ll get some ideas! Here is what I wore with my skirts.

You know that I am in to trying trends to see what I like! I took a chance on a pleated skirt and loved it. However, now let me address what you may be thinking. This is a pretty short skirt, right? Also, aren’t these skirts for teenagers or tweens? Here’s the thing, so are shorts and you might wear those without an issue. Likewise, style isn’t an age thing. Ok? So, rethink this skirt and the ideas will flow.

Pleated skirt

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Pleated skirt
pleated skirt

A Basic Tee

First, I bet you already have a bunch of basic tees and tank tops in your closet. Also, you probably forget you own these tees! You can pair your skirt with one of those tees. For instance, I went with my fitted tees in neutral and black colors. The idea is to let the skirt be the centerpiece of your outfit. Similarly, you don’t want to have to go out and buy something new to wear with this skirt. Going with what you already own will increase the likelihood of you actually wearing the skirt!

“The nature of this skirt gives off a preppy vibe that you might not be used to incorporating into your personal style, but with the right counterparts and the seven styling tips ahead, I have the utmost faith that you’ll be able to tackle the trend.”

Source: Who What Wear

A Pair of Booties (or Sneakers)

Next, the shoes I use with a pleated mini skirt depends on the vibe I want to project. For example, I go with a pair of booties for a preppy look. In contrast, if I am in a more casual mood, I swap out the boots for sneakers. My mood decides what I shoe I will go with to rock this skirt.

pleated skirt

Keep Everything Else Simple

Lastly, you want to keep everything else in your outfit simple. No belts or a lot of jewelry. There is no need for all of that. Keep it simple. Additionally, you don’t take away from the skirt.

pleated skirt

Alrighty, what will you pull out of your closet to wear with your pleated skirt? You can read another post related to skirts here.

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