Want to try dopamine dressing as a curvy gal? Here is how to jump on this trend and incorporate bold colors confidently.

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What is Dopamine Dressing?

The first thing to remember is that wearing bright and bold colors isn’t just a trend. Dopamine dressing goes beyond that! In fact, you can get some real psychological benefits from wearing vibrant tones. For example, the University of Hertfordshire Press published a 2012 study revealing the connection between clothes and mood. The results indicated that what you wear can elevate your mood! You know that I have no problem wearing color. Here are a few reasons why you should give dopamine dressing a try, even if you have curves!

1. Dopamine Dressing is a Mood Booster

Moreover, throwing on some vibrant colors is a mood-boosting hack! So cool, right? You can elevate your day by what you wear. More specifically, rocking bold colors encourages the brain to release the good vibes neurotransmitter dopamine.

This is contrary to the messages you get as a curvy woman. For example, curvy women are often told to stick to wearing black. In contrast, stick to the colors that you love most! The key is to make sure the fit of your clothing is right for you.

“In fact, a great outfit can ignite a positive feedback loop. If, for example, you feel super confident in blue and you receive compliments from others while wearing the color, your dopamine response can signal that good things happen when you wear blue.”

Source: Self

2. Confidence Skyrockets

Second, here’s the thing, you will get noticed when you wear bold colors. For instance, you will definitely stand out and be the main character! It is almost like a reverse psychology move. Fake it until you make it with your confidence. Therefore, this can kick up your confidence as a result.

Pro Curvy Woman Tip: Figure out your power colors. Pay attention to the colors that light you up and resonate with you. You can even go with “pops” of color if that is all that you need!

3. Get More Creative with Dopamine Dressing

Lastly, another benefit is a jolt of creativity. For example, some artists surround themselves with vibrant colors to stimulate their imagination. Being around colors has an impact on your creativity! Therefore, wearing bright colors can give you a burst of creativity and spark your imagination.

This creativity can influence how adventurous you get with your style. Being a curvy woman doesn’t have to restrict what you wear. Instead, could you get some Pinterest mood boards going to ignite some style ideas? Pinterest is still my go-to for endless inspiration. Likewise, you can start with some good basics in the colors you love and then build a unique look. The options are endless.

Alright, so go ahead and give dopamine dressing a try! You won’t regret it! Want other outfit ideas? Check out other posts here and here.

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