Like Fabletics but have no idea what will fit your curves? I got you! This is how I find sets that fit and feel good!

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How to Shop for Fabletics Workout Sets that Fit Curves
How to Shop for Fabletics Workout Sets that Fit Curves

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New Lifestyle Meant New Clothes

I started committing to my workouts over a year ago. The focus was on getting healthy and increasing my energy – two things I could control. The hard part was finding gym sets for this new lifestyle.

Here are the three things I look for when buying a gym set.

It has to Fit and be Functional

First, fit is critical when it comes to a gym set. The sports bras need to provide coverage and support. I have varying levels of coverage in my sports bra. In contrast, support is a must with all of them. The leggings need to offer coverage too. I stick to high-waisted leggings. I am team high-waisted with pretty much everything!

Second, functionality in a gym set goes hand in hand with fit. They need to be “squat proof”. In other words, the leggings won’t slide down when you are doing squats. No one needs that! Squats are hard enough! Also, you don’t want your leggings falling when you are jogging.

We Got to Look Cute

Lastly, I think looking cute is important! Here’s why: you are more likely to want to go the gym if you like what you are wearing. It opens up a whole new wardrobe category for you! I like to look for fun colors and prints. Also, I try different cuts with the sports bras. As long as the sports bras are supportive, I am game!

To wrap up, you can find items that fit at Fabletics! Just focus on fit and functionality to get a set you will want to wear. Want more gym motivation? Check out other posts here and here.

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