Turns out that green is my favorite color. Why? There are so many reasons why to love it. Let me tell you why!

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Wear What You Love; Love What You Wear

Buying clothes that you will actually wear and love is important! To do this, you need to pay attention to how different pieces make you feel. Additionally, this means being mindful of what pieces get worn the most. For me, green is the color that has been on heavy rotation in my closet lately. Let’s get into why!

Curvy Black Woman in Green Amazon Dress
Get the dress. Size xl.
Curvy Black Woman in a Green Amazon Dress
Get the dress. Size xl.
Curvy Black Woman in Green Amazon Dress
Get the dress. Size xl.

The Versatility of Green

Green is a color that you can wear all year long! The wide range of tones and shades makes it a reliable color for any season. For instance, you can wear a deep olive color in the fall/winter and a light green in the spring/summer. Likewise, it is a color that goes with a lot of other colors and tones. As a result, you will end up wearing it more often!

This isn’t the first time I am talking about green! There’s another post here. Alright, here are my latest dress picks in green.

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The Dresses

A sweater dress is a fall/winter staple. Add the color green and it is even better. First, you have the warmth of the sweater fabric. Second, you have the visual interest of the sweater texture. Lastly, pair it with camel color accessories and you are good to go. The neckline knot detail is divine! I got it in a large.


Green is often described as a refreshing and tranquil color. Other common associations with the color green are money, luck, health, and envy.

Source: Very Well Mind

Similarly, an olive green midi dress with a tie waist is a good one! The midi length gives you coverage and creates a nice silhouette. Additionally, this tie waist creates instant structure. The deep olive color is perfect for fall and winter. Add some nude color accessories and done! This dress is super comfy and the ribbed fabric provides coverage. I got this dress in an xl.

Next, scoop up a one shoulder bodycon dress. This dress is simple yet stunning. I think those are the best kind of dresses, am I right? Pair this dress with a belt for some definition of your waist and boom! So good! If you are stressed about the neckline because you have to wear a strapless bra, check out my go to bra here. I have a podcast episode about it as well. Got it in an xl.

Lastly, get yourself a bodycon dress in green. This is such a pretty sage color that can be worn all year long. Just depends on how you style it! I opted for a mix of neutral and camel color accessories. A few more thoughts on this dress. I really like how it is a cardigan style without the risk of it opening up! These are faux buttons! Genius, right? Plus, this dress has plenty of ruching. That provides additional coverage which is always a good thing! I have the short sleeve version of this bombshell style dress in another post here. My dress is in an xl.

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