Need a few swimsuits to match your summer activities? I got you! Here are Amazon Curve Swimsuits that will fit and work for every situation.

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We know that finding a bathing suit that fits can be annoying. Then add all of the activities that take place over the summer. That means having to think about coverage and style depending on where you are going! Ugh! Therefore, I rounded up a range of bathing suit styles to match the vibe of every summer adventure you get into. I got all of these in a size xl.

Factors to Consider

There are a few things to consider when it comes to scoring the right bathing suit for a particular situation. For instance, you want to think about features such as coverage, support, and style. Each feature varies in terms of importance depending on where you are going. For example, I went with a bathing suit with lots of coverage to head to a water park with my family. In contrast, I wore a two piece for a weekend trip with my husband.

1. Family Time – A Classic One Piece Swimsuit

First, get yourself a simple and classic one piece. The critical feature here is coverage! For example, I wore one of these to a water park with my family. This is going to be your go to bathing suit for all of your family and more low key vibe activities.

2. Have Some Fun – A High Waisted Two Piece Bikini

Next, find a high waisted two piece that you love. I know that you think that you can’t wear a two piece! You can! The key is fit and a high waisted bottom. For instance, this can be a family event or with your girlfriends. Also, the high waisted bottoms give you the coverage you need to be able to move around with ease.

3. Turning It Up – A Plunge One Piece

Lastly, get a plunge one-piece curve bathing suit for when you want to turn it up. For example, we are talking a weekend with your significant other or your girlfriends! Celebrating life, okay! Moreover, future you in 20 years from now is like “yeah, girl, wear it!”.

In closing, there a variety of curve bathing suit styles to match the occasion! Play around with these different styles and soak up the summer moments. Want more style ideas? Check out the post here and here.

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