One trend that I have been so into is white boots. There are so many ways to wear a pair. Get ready to be inspired.

This post was originally published in 2019 and updated December 2022.

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White Boots: Some History 

First, let’s chat about the history on these white bright boots and the meaning attached to them. White boots popped up as a trend in 2017. However, they were around long before then.  These boots used to be associated with “go-go” dancers as a story in Refinery29 notes. Also, Nancy Sinatra, who sang “These Boots Are Made For Walking”, was sporting a pair. White boots came to symbolize rebellion. Now that you are fired up, let’s get into all of the ways to wear these boots.

How to Wear the Boots

1. Add a blast of white to a black top and jeans.

Black and white strikes again. This is a timeless color combination. Likewise, you can pair white boots with other colors as well as I did with this dress!

2. Combine white boots with a lighter palette.

Additionally, you can wear white boots with colors in a lighter palette. A pair of these boots will come in handy as we transition to spring colors. It’s still going to be cold in most areas so boots will be in order.

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3. Amp up a casual look.

Next, add a bit of an edge to jeans and a tee. Comfort with something unexpected always looks fashion forward. For example, cuff your jeans to show off your boots. You can let them be seen by also wearing a pair with skirts.


4. Pair with a midi skirt or dress and make it interesting.

Similarly, midi skirts get interesting when paired with these boots. It is an unexpected pop of white. Likewise, coupling a neutral print with a jolt of fresh white adds some visual interest. So much better than just wearing black, right?

5. Add white boots and give your florals some competition.

Lastly, the classic floral print gets a modern update with these boots. The soft feminine vibe contrasts with these bright whites. For example, picture a spring floral print with a splash of white.

White boots are a perennial favorite among the fashion set because of their ability to walk the fine line between being a statement-making piece and a staple.

Source: Who What Wear

Alright, so which way are you going to wear your boots? Want other outfit ideas? Check out other posts here and here.

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  1. I just got a pair of white boots! Thanks for such a great post, can’t wait for Spring so I can start wearing them!

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