Want to wear a cute puffer vest but not sure how? I got a couple of ways to style this winter piece without looking like a marshmallow.

Curvy Black Woman in Amazon Puffer Vest
Wearing the vest in a large and leggings in an xl.

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Been eyeing puffer vests from afar and thinking there is no way you can rock them? Listen, you can (even with curves) by keeping a few styling tips in mind. Plus, you will be able to stay warm!

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The Length of the Puffer Matters

First, where the puffer hits you on your frame matters. Think of it as the centerpiece of the outfit. You style everything else around it. For example, I like a cropped style so my silhouette does not get lost with the additional volume.

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Get a Puffer That Fits

Second, be sure to get a puffer that actually fits you! For instance, don’t get one that is huge and just adds volume to your frame. A trick to figuring that out is to see where it hits you on your shoulders. It shouldn’t jet out too much past your shoulders. Conversely, opt for a puffer vest that allows you to see your shoulders.

“Puffer vests are a great way to warm up your core without going full marshmallow woman”

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The Simpler, the Better

Third, go with a simple style. It is tempting to go with a puffer that has a lot going on. Resist the temptation to do that! The volume of this piece already adds something different to your look. So, just stick to a simple style in a neutral color. This will ensure that you will actually wear it.


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