You want a curvy style dress for New Years Eve. But, you want to be able to wear it later too. Here are dresses to wear now and after NYE!

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From satin to sequins, I got you. These are my Curvy Style dress picks to rock now and later! I got all of them in an xl. Alright, let’s go!

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The Dresses

I am so into the multiple details of this Curvy Style dress! First, the lace brings a romantic vibe. I decided that I don’t have enough lace in my life! Second, it has little pom-poms along the hemline. Too cute. Lastly, the hemline has ruffles on it to give it an ultra feminine feel.

A few more hot takes on this dress. It is a true wrap dress and has a plunge neckline (as you can see). I think it is super cute. However, keep those two factors in mind. I got it in an xl.


But, while we fully encourage you to go shopping for a new party outfit, it’s important to be mindful of what you’re buying; one-hit-wonders aren’t the best use of wardrobe space, nor are they a sustainable choice.

Source: Harpers Bazaar

Similarly, I think I need more sequins in my life! This dress makes me feel like I am performing on a stage or something. It is dynamite! What I like most about this Curvy Style dress is that it is stretchy. Additionally, it has adjustable straps. I have my go to strapless bra here. Also, this dress comes in a few different colors. Mine is in an xl.

Add Some Curvy Style Satin and Glitter

Next, I tried a satin Curvy Style dress. This is not the fabric that I usually reach for due to the lack of stretch. You know I still give things a try (even swimsuits). However, this one, this one has stretch! Likewise, it has another feature that is Curvy girl’s friend – ruching. The folding of the fabric gives you some coverage. Check this out – You can adjust the slit to have a lot or no ruching. So good, right? I am wearing an xl.

Finally, a Curvy Style dress with glitter is another good one! I wasn’t sure about this one when I saw it online. I was unsure of the fabric and stretch. Then, I tried it on and BOOM! Love it. There is so much stretch in this one and it is a faux wrap style. Size is an xl.

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