In the mood to get some sweaters you can wear this winter? I found a few that are too cute! Each of these has something a little different. I got a large or xl in these.

Curvy Black Woman in an Amazon Shrug Sweater
Wearing the sweater in a large. Jeans in a 32

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The Sweaters

Shrug Amazon Sweater

I have been on the hunt for a shrug sweater like this for awhile! This one is super cute and comfy. It is actually two pieces. Also, it comes in different colors. I got it in a large.

I like a how a sweetheart neckline looks! Brings a little girly vibe to a look. Plus, it comes in all kinds of colors! This one will get you all kinds of compliments. Additionally, you will want more than one color. I got it in a large.


It may be a little cliché to call a sweater a wardrobe staple, but in this case, it’s true. 

Source: Insider

A cropped sweater is perfect with a pair of mid to high waisted jeans and boots. You may be worried about coverage. However, if you just go with mid to high waist bottoms and you will be good to go! I got it in a large.

Another cute style to wear with a pair of mid to high waisted jeans and boots. Also, the higher waisted bottoms will give you the coverage you need. Likewise, it one comes in a few different colors. I got it in an xl.


In addition to the shrug sweater, I was on the search for a shrug bolero type sweater forever! Stumbled upon this one and it is so good. Additionally, it is super cozy. Mine is in an xl.

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