Why You Need to Wear Powder Blue


Tilted Green Blob
Tilted Green Blob

Powder blue is one of those colors we forget about. It's not the usual winter palette. You will be hooked once you try this fresh shade.


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Powder blue is like that rom-com friend character in movies. It has been there all along, waiting to get your attention.  



This pretty blue shade has been waiting on us to notice it all along. Then, we wear it and we can't get enough of it! Here is why:

Green Blob
Tilted Green Blob


Wear it every season

Seasonal colors are fun to wear. However, it is always nice when you can wear something all year. Powder blue can be busted out pretty much any time of the year.


add pops of whatever

Additionally, powder blue is a great backdrop for other tones and prints. You can opt for a pop of red with a lipstick as I did. 

Alright, How will you wear powder blue? 

Tilted Green Blob


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Tilted Green Blob
Tilted Green Blob