Are you a curvy girl nervous about working out? I got you! Here are five curvy girl fitness tips to rock your next workout.

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The gym. This can be an intimidating place, especially for us curvy girls. However, it’s key that you remember that the gym is for all, regardless of shape or size.  Although we all know this, it is tempting to think that the gym is only for those with a six-pack. In order to work out you already need to meet society’s nonsense ideals. Toss that idea out because everyone has to start somewhere. Here are a few tips on how to get your curvy girl fitness journey on at the gym:

1. Wear What You Want and Feels Comfortable

First, wearing comfy gym clothes is a must. Moreover, wearing well-fitting workout clothes can significantly affect how you feel at the gym. Opt for items that fit your body well. That can be whatever works for you in terms of coverage. Likewise, wear clothes that allow you to move so you can focus on your workout.

2. What is Your Curvy Girl Fitness Journey Why

Second, keep your goals ever present to fuel your motivation. For example, your goals can range from building strength, getting fit, or simply feeling better. Whatever it is, revisit it often to help you stay focused and confident. Incorporating your curvy girl fitness journey is a long game!

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Five Curvy Girl Fitness Tips to Rock Your Workouts
Five Curvy Girl Fitness Tips to Rock Your Workouts

3. Be Proud of What Your Body Can Do.

Likewise, you can be unstoppable when you silence the nonsensical standards of beauty that society sets. Remember that your body is super strong and wildly capable. Therefore, you should be proud of it. Resist the temptation to compare yourself to others. Instead, focus on the powerful things that your body can do. Embrace your curvy girl fitness journey!

4. Start Your Curvy Girl Fitness Journey with Small Steps

Also, start where you are in your fitness journey. More specifically, if you are new to working out at the gym or it has been a while, ease into it. Doing too much too soon is a recipe for burnout. Begin with a few exercises and build your intensity and duration over time. It is the small steps over time that will lead to big results over time.

5. Build Your Curvy Girl Fitness Hype Team

Lastly, create a positive circle of support around you. These don’t have to be people who go to the gym with you. Maybe it is a friend you call as you head to the gym. You can have a friend that goes on walks with you. Another idea to consider is getting a trainer. Whatever it is, having supportive individuals around will help you stay focused and motivated.

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To wrap up, starting your curvy fitness journey starts with embracing your body and focusing on your goals. Build your confidence at the gym by wearing comfy clothes, starting small, and surrounding yourself with supportive individuals. Want more information on wellness? Check out the post here and here.

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