Wondering if having a morning routine is worth it? It is! It’s been two years since I started mine and here is what I have learned.

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It’s My Morning – I can do what I want!

Although I make sure to read, journal, and exercise every morning, I fit in activities that are important to me. For example, I make time to work on my blog and content. That takes away the excuse of “I have no time” with respect to my side hustle.

I Have Time to Read – A lot

Additionally, getting up early has provided me with the opportunity to read books. For instance, I have read at least fifteen books over the course of two years during my morning routine time. This includes rereading parts of books that I underlined and dog-eared while I wait for my next book. Likewise, the information I have consumed has improved my life and how I move through my day.

Here are some books that I’ve read and loved!

Monitoring My Habits Leads to Building More Habits

Likewise, another lesson I have learned from having a morning routine is that tracking my habits keeps me motivated. I track the number of times I engage in an activity. For example, I number my daily journal entries. That allows me to recognize and celebrate how often I take time for myself. More importantly, it reminds me of my commitment to myself!

Waking Up Early Gets Easier

Also, I know waking up an hour earlier every day sounds awful! It probably sounds nearly impossible. However, if you start your morning routine, it will get easier. In fact, it will become automatic! For example, I wake up without an alarm on most days. I get up and get started!

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“Morning routines inevitably lead to efficiency, since they remove the decision-making step, saving you time and energy. ”

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To wrap up, having a morning routine has taught me that I can use the time how I want. Also, it has shown me that I can read a ton of books and that habit tracking helps. Lastly, I’ve learned that waking up early can be easy. Want more information on morning routines? Check out the post here and here.

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