Want to wear neutrals in a way that is not boring? I got a couple of ways to rock these gorgeous tones in a way that won’t make you snooze.

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Neutrals are lovely calming tones that always look chic! The thing is that they, at the same, can be a bit boring. I know! However, there are a few ways to wear them that make them a bit more exciting.

Add Denim to Break Up the Neutrals

First, break up neutrals with some denim. Easy right? For example, you can go with various neutral tones and anchor it with your jeans. I got this sweater set in an xl and jeans in a size 32.

A bit more on this sweater set – you can wear the pieces separately. Additionally, the tank top has a crisscross back while still allowing for a standard bra! So good, right? Moreover, I am just learning how good Levis jeans are for curves. The ribcage and high waisted styles are dynamite.

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Incorporate different tones of beige and brown to add dimension to your outfit.

Source: The Zoe Report

Mix Neutral Textures for Visual Interest

Next, mix different textures for an interesting neutral combo. For example, stay with the same color family while changing up the fabrics. That’s what I did here with this asymmetrical bodysuit and faux leather pencil skirt. Pretty chic, right? Both the bodysuit and skirt are in a size xl.

More on this bodysuit and skirt. This bodysuit is so unique. For instance, it has this one shoulder look and it actually stays in place! Likewise, this pencil skirt is edgy while still having a classic cut. Moreover, it skims your frame without being too tight.

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