Got a wedding coming up and have no idea what to wear? Try a wrap dress! Here is why this is my got-to style.

This post was originally published in June 2019 and updated February 2023.

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What is it About Wrap Dresses?

Wrap dresses are lifesavers! The style is hard to get wrong. Here’s why: these dresses are versatile, work for different body frames, are comfortable, and are easy to move in.

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Wrap Dresses are Versatile

Wrap dresses come in various styles, patterns, and colors. Therefore, they are a versatile option that can easily be dressed up or down to match the vibe of the wedding.

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Wrap Dresses Work for Different Body Frames

Also, the wrap design of the dress allows for an adjustable fit that works for various body types. It cinches at the waist, highlighting your silhouette. Additionally, you can get different lengths depending on your preference. For example, you can get one in a midi length. Likewise, you can decide the degree of coverage in the bust area.

“Diane began to make her everlasting imprint on the fashion world and designed the now-iconic wrap dress in 1974.

Source: Marie Claire

A Wrap Dress is Comfortable

Similarly, these dresses are usually made from lightweight, breathable fabrics, making them a comfortable choice for a wedding, especially if it’s taking place in warm weather. Additionally, these dresses are generally made with stretchy fabric. That will allow you room to eat what you want!

You Can Move in This Dress

Next, the wrap design of the dress allows for freedom of movement! For instance, this dress will give you room to dance and walk around freely! Likewise, this style makes it easy for you to tolerate sitting for extended periods. You will forget you have it on.

Alright, so there you have it! Get yourself a few wrap dresses. Want other outfit ideas? Check out other posts here and here.

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