Have a cami in your closet and have no idea how to style it? What to wear with it? Here are three ways to wear a cami.

A cami is one of those items that once you figure out how to wear it, you are good! You will wonder why you didn’t incorporate it into your outfits sooner. Simply put, it is the ultimate feminine and classy layering piece.

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Cami from Amazon The Drop with a Cardigan

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What is a Cami?

A cami, short for camisole, is typically worn as an undergarment. It can be completely hidden or peaking out a bit. Usually the lace neckline is shown a bit. It adds the perfect touch of visual interest and texture. Here are three looks that will get you in the habit of wearing a cami! This cami, trench coat, and blazer are from Amazon’s line “The Drop

Wear Your Cami with a Cardigan

First, the coziness of a cardigan is perfect with the soft vibe of a cami. Also, layering with a cardi gives a casual feel to the entire look. Opt for a long cardigan to balance out the look and provide coverage.

Cami from Amazon The Drop with a Blazer

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Wear Your Cami with a Blazer

Second, try a blazer with a camisole. This blazer adds a classic touch to this outfit. Likewise, go with a semi-fitted blazer for some added structure.

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The best camisole outfits are all about balance: a cozy knit here, a rigid pair of jeans there, perhaps a voluminous skirt or textured pair of trousers to offset the silky or fitted nature of classic designs. 

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Cami from Amazon The Drop with a Trench

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Throwing on a Trench Coat is Always a Good Idea

Lastly, go with a trench coat. A trench adds length and structure. It just looks instantly cooler. Right?! Go a coat that fits well so it balances out the softness of the cami.

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