A pencil skirt is not what you of when it comes to Spring style. I got some ideas on how to wear this item in the warmer months.

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I used to think that a pencil skirt was only for fall and winter. You are probably thinking the same thing! You can definitely rock this classic item this Spring and Summer. Rethink this wardrobe staple. Here’s how

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Pair with lighter and neutral colors.

First, pair your pencil skirt with lighter and neutral colors.  This gives you more options in terms of the skirts you can wear. If you are like me, most of your pencil skirts are in darker tones. They align more with a fall and winter color palette. Additionally, go with neutral and nude tones for shoes. Do the same with your handbag. Let the skirt take the center stage of the outfit!

Anchor your look.

Anchor your look with simple neutral accessories for a chic feel. Going with neutrals keeps this wardrobe staple classy. Go with a splash of color if you decide to do a pop of color. Not too much. Additionally, keep the accessories simple. Spring and Summer are about crisp and clean looks. The simpler, the better.

“Nothing beats a classic, and a sleek pencil skirt is just that.”

Source: Byrdie

Get the just right fit

Get a pencil skirt that skims your frame. Not too tight and not too loose. This will make it a versatile piece. It will be able to go from day to night. Likewise, go with breathable fabric. We want to still stay cool during these warmer months. Keep the thicker fabric pencil skirts tucked away until fall and winter.


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And done! See, you can wear a pencil skirt all year. You are ready rock a pencil skirt all Spring and Summer!

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