Not sure what to wear for an upcoming holiday event or night out? I got you! I found two gorgeous tops. Let the compliments roll in!

Curvy Black Woman in Gorgeous Tops from Amazon
Wearing this bodysuit and mini in an xl.

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Sometimes you don’t feel like wearing a dress for an event. Am I right? That is when having a few reliable tops to throw on can be a lifesaver. These are two pieces I recently got, love, and think you will too!

The Tops

I am so into the sleeves on this top! It is actually a bodysuit. Let’s get into the details. First, the sheer fabric makes it perfect for going out. Second, it has a little polka dot detail on the sleeves. Lastly, the cuffs flare out a bit at the wrist. This combo of details creates a romantic vibe. I got it in an xl.


Simplicity should be left to another season — during the holidays, your look should be festive and interesting.

Source: Marie Claire

Similarly, a sheer top is another good one! I had a sheer button up shirt like this one a few years ago. Here is why I selected this top: It is a classy top you can keep coming back to over and over again. This particular one is a standout as it is a button up shirt. For example, the timeless cut of a shirt gives it a classic feel. Then add a dash of edginess with the sheer fabric. Fantastic! Mine is in an xl.

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