I think I found the perfect brunch dress! Getting a dress for curves that fits and is comfy can be hard. This one checks off both boxes.

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“Brunch outfits are sometimes even more complicated than date outfits. You want to make sure it’s cute and sophisticated, allows for eating, and is also photo-worthy.”

Source: Editorialist

A solid choice for a brunch dress usually meets a few requirements. You need to be able to move. It should be unique – brunch is a special event! Also, you are going to want add some accessories for visual interest.

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Gotta Be Able to Move

First you need to be able to sit and move in it. For example, don’t wear a dress that is stiff and constricting. Honestly, don’t ever get a dress with no stretch – you won’t ever wear it. Anyway, a brunch dress needs to have some stretch in it so you can do exactly what you planned to do – eat and drink!

The Dress Should Be Different

Next, you want to have a dress that is a bit different. Right? Brunch isn’t your usual lunch or coffee date. Take the opportunity to be a bit extra. So, go with a dress that brings something a unique. It can be a classic with a twist. You can go with a dress that has an interesting cut, a fun print or bold color. This brunch dress has a different cut, a mermaid style fit. Additionally, it has a lovely blue floral print.

The Final Touches

Finally, add accessories that will add visual interest. This can be achieved with pops of color, some texture, or contrast in styles.

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