It is date night and you need to get ready quick! You want to look smashing when you go out. Also, you want to be comfortable and have the right amount of coverage. I feel you! I rounded up three different looks for date night, girls night, or I-just-want-to-look-good-night. Here are three date night outfits that will look dynamite.

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A Skirt Set

First, a skirt set doesn’t get enough love in my opinion! It gives the illusion of wearing a dress with the comfort of two pieces. Additionally, you can adjust the skirt for the amount of coverage you prefer. Sounds good, right? Pay attention to the sizing so that you have enough coverage for your comfort level. Also, keep everything else really simple with this look. For example, go with simple jewelery. You don’t want to take away from the two-piece look.

I am wearing an xl.

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A Classic LBD – The Sleeveless Turtleneck Dress

Next, go with a Little Black Dress (LBD) that is a bit different. For example, a sleeveless turtleneck dress is a chic and unique pick. You don’t see this style often. I like that it is a midi length and provides so much coverage. At the same time, it is fitted and highlights curves! Additionally, you can add more accessories or color to the look since the dress is simple.

Wearing an xl

“Whether you schedule weekly night-outs or the occasional outing, having a lineup of cute dinner date outfits at the ready is ideal for looking your best.

Source: Byrdie

A Faux Leather Mini, Tank Top and Blazer

Lastly, throw this three piece look together for an edgy yet classic look. Here is the recipe: an edgy faux leather mini, add a basic tank top, and finish with the structure of a blazer. Done! A blazer is your secret weapon for pulling this (and pretty much any) look together. Additionally, it anchors the miniskirt a bit by providing coverage. So good!

Wearing an large in the blazer, xl in the top, and an xl in the skirt.

Alright, you are set! Now you have no excuse for being late! Hahaha. Want more going out looks? Check out another post here.


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