Stress and trauma can significantly impact our lives. Dr.Regalena Melrose shares how trauma affects the brain and body as well as tools to live a more joyful life.

Dr.Regalena Melrose is a clinical and school psychologist. She is a speaker, consultant, author of several books on the application of current neuroscience to educational practice and parenting.

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What is Trauma?

Dr.Melrose provides examples of the impact of trauma. She references Sigmund Freud’s definition of trauma. He explained that trauma is breach in the barrier that protects us from overstimulation. Dr.Melrose mentioned that, as a result, we are “hypersensitive, hyper-aware, hyper-vigilant, we have to be on guard at all times to protect our organism”. She explains that what is needed with trauma is a “brain change”.

There’s no judging what is traumatic for one person over another.

Dr.Regalena Melrose

Trauma is an Individual Experience

We discuss how trauma is an individual experience. Dr.Melrose explains how “there’s no judging what is traumatic for one person over another”. Additionally, it is really how the individual reacts to a situation that determines if trauma has occurred.

Tools to Heal

Dr.Melrose has so many resources that are accessible. Dr.Melrose provides an overview of the tools she has created from her book, The 60 Seconds Fix. I read her first book, Why Students Underachieve: What Educators and Parents Can Do about It, and it changed how I work with students! She emphasizes the importance of building up internal resources.

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