Curly hair! My sister and I have been wearing our hair curly for 20+ years. Before so many lines of curly hair products existed. We talk about all of this in Episode 60: Curls for the Girls- Our Curly Hair Routines of the Don’t Mix In Podcast.

This post was published in July 2020 and was updated in June 2021. I will keep updating this post as I find worthwhile curl care products to share!

Trial and Error

We both talked about how we had to try out different products over the years. Our hair textures are a bit different. So, couldn’t use the same products. Additionally, we both had to kind of mess around with various products. How we first started wearing our hair curly was discussed in Episode 54.

These are my go-to products to style the curls. I update this list as I find new products out there!

My tee is from Thread Tank. I recently partnered with them. I’m wearing a size Large. You can get it here.

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Finding a Stylist for Curls

Just like the products, finding a stylist is trial and error. Lissette gets her hair trimmed regularly. In contrast, I don’t get mine trimmed as often. However, we both have had some interesting experiences with stylists in the past. She found a stylist she really likes. Like I mentioned before, I use eSalon for my hair color. I’m part of their Color Muse Ambassador Program and have used their products for years!

Using Conditioner Only

We both use conditioner only when washing our hair. Lissette was doing the conditioner only routine for years. I started doing that after hearing about it from her. Additionally, we both use inexpensive conditioners since we have to use so much. For example, she uses one from Trader Joe’s Spa line conditioner. I used L’Oréal Paris Elvive Total Repair Conditioner or SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Conditioner (whatever I haven’t ran out of). I found a new co-wash I love since the podcast aired. See it below:

Detangling Curls

We both detangle our hair wet with a wide tooth comb or pick. Lissette tangles her hair after her shower. I, on the other hand, detangle my hair while I’m in the shower with conditioner. With respect to detangling our hair, we do it from the bottom up. I used to wrap my hair in an old sweatshirt instead of a towel. However, I recently got a set of microfiber towels from DSW that I love. I couldn’t link them so I linked some similar ones.

Curl Styling Routine

Lissette uses conditioner to style her hair. In contrast, I use an alcohol-free gel from Target, La Bella. I’ve used this gel for years. If it’s sold old i order it on Amazon. Additionally, I use any moisturizing leave-in conditioner that I have on hand. I’m currently using one from eSalon. Lissette lets her hair air dry. I let mine air dry a bit. I use a blow dryer on medium heat to style it.

The Feeling Factor

The Intersection Between Style & Psychology

Having curly hair has come with some interesting experiences. For example, both of us shared how people have touched our hair (sometimes without asking) out of curiosity. We all like to belong and not feel “othered”. These situations usually left us feeling like outsiders. However, the more comfortable we’ve gotten with our hair over the years, more confident we’ve gotten with setting boundaries. Also, this means we are comfortable letting a stylist know what works for our hair.

Caring for Curls When Swimming or Working Out

Lissette swims multiple times a week. I’ve been swimming with my kids a few times a week this summer. Lissette actually really swims for physical activity – swim cap and everything. We talked about how she cares for her hair. For example, this is her process: she wets her hair, adds conditioner and adds sunblock in addition to the swim cap.
Likewise, I do certain things with my hair when I work out. For instance, if I’m in between washes, I just usually leave my hair down. I just clip the front of my hair to get it out of my face. I might put it in a cap with a loose ponytail if its a wash day.

Dime En Español

Hablamos sobre cómo tuvimos que probar diferentes productos a lo largo de los años. Nuestras texturas de cabello son un poco diferentes. Entonces, no podríamos usar los mismos productos. Tuvimos que probar varios productos.

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  1. Well I am trying to figure out what is good for my hair growing out and keep it moisturizer I’m African American hair 4B natural look and been like this since 2004 and it’s thicker than ever I have to fight with it and i am from Chicago Illinois I love some of your information just keep me updated

    1. Author

      Hey LaTanya! I hear you – It’s so hard trying to figure out what works for our curls! I’m delighted to hear that some of the information resonated with you. 🙂

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