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Don't Mix In Podcast

It’s like talking to your girlfriend about style, and all the changes and challenges we experience as women...

The Women’s Podcast for Life, Style, and Substance.
Hosted by Fashion blogger and Educational Psychologist Dr. Vivian Rodriguez.

Hey! I’m Dr.Vivian Rodriguez, an educational psychologist, blogger, educator, and coach who loves to talk about life, style, creating, and mental health. I started the Don’t Mix In podcast to create a space for independent Women to talk about  lifestyleand substance. To talk about the complexities of being a woman who is authentic and thriving!

Don't Mix In has been downloaded over 7K times. Cool, right?
It has a primarily female audience and is listened to 30 countries.


I have my sister, Lissette, join the show sometimes.

Episode Topics Include:

Practical tips on Style, Mental Health and Wellness, Blogging & Content Creation, and Life - like, hello, Adulting!

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