We are right in the middle of Fall! A Fall Dress that you can layer with a cardigan or coat is a must. Here is one way I layer a dress.

Every September I have an issue. I have to figure out how to go from summer to fall. As I have mentioned before, I plan my wardrobe with two seasons in mind. The seasons pairings are spring with summer and fall with winter.

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Here is a bit more on this dress:

The transition from summer to fall always seems abrupt to me. It takes me a moment to get my outfits together. So, I decided to try something different this year. I went back to a dress that I loved for spring and summer. It is in a post here. I loved the fit of this dress so much that I got it in another color. The warm brown color made it perfect for fall! I am wearing a size xxl in the dress.

“Fall is the perfect time to test out your layering skills and utilize some of your favorite items that are already in your closet to create ensembles.”

Source: Who What Wear

Here’s the thing I realized, some of the layering that we do in the spring can be repeated in the fall. Start with a base piece like a dress or a top and jeans. Use the same idea that we use in the spring. Same concept – just change it up a bit. Instead of a denim jacket and sandals, just add a cardigan and boots as I did here! Easy right?

Alright, now you know my layering secret! Tell me, what dress are you going to pull out to layer up for the fall?

What do you think?

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