A Cami Styled Three Ways (That You  Will Wear)

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A cami is one of those items that once you figure out how to wear it, you are good! You will wonder why you didn't incorporate it into your outfits sooner.

A cami, short for camisole, is typically worn as an undergarment. It can be completely hidden or peaking out a bit.  It adds the perfect touch of visual interest and texture.

Wear Your Cami with a Cardigan

First, the coziness of a cardigan is perfect with the soft vibe of a cami. Also, layering with a cardi gives a casual feel to the entire look. 

Wear Your Cami with a Blazer

Second, try a blazer with a camisole.  This blazer adds a classic touch to this outfit. Likewise, go with a semi-fitted blazer for some added structure.

Wear Your Cami with a Trench Coat

Lastly, go with a trench coat.  A trench adds length and structure. It just looks instantly cooler. Right?! Go a coat that fits well so it balances out the softness of the cami.

Which Way Will You Wear It?

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