Corset tops are everywhere you look right now and I am so into it. Here are some ways to rock this on trend item.

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Before we get into how to style a corset, let’s talk about why I like this trend. First, it is not your usual date night top. It comes with unique details and structure. Second, it is a fun piece to wear.

It is in the Details

The details on a corset top can range from fasteners to zippers. These features add some visual interest to an otherwise standard date night top. Likewise, these details are functional and add some structure. Pro Tip: I would stay away from corset tops that have underwire in the bust area. Those tend to be tricky for a fuller bust.

Structure, Structure, Structure

First, one of my favorite aspects of a corset top is the structure. Let me tell you why. In addition to stretch, structure is a curvy girl’s best friend. For example, it ensures that your silhouette doesn’t get lost in an outfit. Long gone are the days that we wear baggy clothes! In contrast, let your body frame shine with pieces that highlight your shape. Also, the structure of a corset will assist you in doing that!

“Although it’s reaching a high point now, the popularity of the corset may be less of a surprise for those who’ve been keeping tabs on circulating trends.”

Source: Who What Wear
Wearing an xl in the top and 32 in the jeans.

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Let’s Have Some Fun

Additionally, the other reason to try out this trend is that it is fun! There are a variety of ways to interpret this trend. More specifically, the options, styles, and colors are endless. Therefore, there is a high probability that you will score a corset you will love.

Ways to Wear a Corset

Also, there are a variety ways to rock this top! For instance, go with your usual bottoms or try something a little different. The key is to go with mid to high rise bottoms for sufficient coverage. Finally, here are some ways to wear this top:

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Wearing an xl in the top and shorts.

The Jeans and a Cute Top Formula

First, go with a pretty safe and reliable combo. I like to wear mid to high rise jeans. That way I feel comfortable and not worried about too much skin showing. It creates a balanced silhouette.

Try Something Different

Next, once you have given jeans a try, go with an unexpected piece! Try something like a pair of faux leather shorts. Additionally, you can take a chance and wear your corset with a pencil skirt. I really like that look. You can see that pairing here. Also, consider a pair of wide leg pants! You can see my favorite ones here. The options are endless!

Alright, now you are ready to rock a corset top for your next girls night!

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