Have you hesitated to wear a bathing suit? What about this one, have you struggled with embracing your body the way it is? I got to spend some time with Carly Anderson from Lip Gloss and Crayons to talk about self love and how she used this year, to be a year of opportunity.

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Carly is a former teacher and a body confidence blogger who has been creating content for 11 years (yeah, as she say, it’s been a minute!). Her site, Lip Gloss and Crayons is bursting with color, joy, and self love. This is in addition to adorable photos with her and her daughter.

Just Wear the Suit

She is the creator of the hashtag, #justwearthesuit. that has 3.4 thousands posts attached to it. We talked about how posting a picture of herself in a bathing suit shifted her content and so much more. Carly inspired other women to embrace themselves as they are (and to wear a bathing suit!). Additionally, #justwearthesuit facilitated the creation of a thriving community of body positivity. Now, Carly is encouraging women to develop their own self love with the hashtag #troopselflove.

Self love

Authentic Communication

Also, we spend some time chatting about how Carly does not shy away from difficult conversations. She has felt compelled to speak up this year regarding social justice and voting. In contrast to other influencers, Carly uses her voice to amplify what is right (so good, right?)

Giving Back to Ourselves as Women

Lastly, Carly discussed how she spent one evening at a hotel to treat herself. We got into how, as women, we need to give back to ourselves. A form of self love.This has been especially important after a year of a global pandemic! Give this episode a listen, it’s a fun one!

Where to Find Carly

https://www.instagram.com/lipglossandcrayons/ Lip Gloss and Crayons

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