Looking for a dress to wear? Check out these little black dresses from Amazon. Here are two unique styles you will adore.

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Not All Little Black Dresses Are Equal

Given that there is a vast array of little black dresses, that means there are a ton of style options. However, not all LBDs work for everyone. In fact, fit and neckline matter. This is especially important if you have curves. One little black dress can look phenomenal on curves while another dress is a hot mess. Likewise, you want a style that stands out a bit since this is an uber-popular type of dress. Here are two styles that will definitely shine in a sea of the usual little black dresses.

An Off The Shoulder Midi Dress

An off the shoulder little black dress style coupled with a midi length is a unique combo. I just love how this one looks and feels! For example, the off the shoulder neckline lets your shoulders and collarbone shine. Also, it creates balance with the variation in coverage on the top and bottom. For example, you get the coverage of the long skirt with the shoulders exposed. Therefore, this combination makes for a lovely silhouette. A classy style that feels good on.

“The experts we consulted differed on what counted as an LBD, but they universally agreed that it should be a dress that makes you feel like your best self.”

Source: Wirecutter

A One Shoulder Mini Little Black Dress

Moreover, a one shoulder style combined with a mini dress adds a fun twist. For instance, the one shoulder neckline is visually interesting. Then, the mini dress style adds a flirty and feminine touch. The ruffles on the hem of this dress make me want to twirl! Additionally, the solid black color of this dress anchors the entire look.

About That Strapless Bra…

Lastly, I bet you think you can’t wear these necklines. You rather not deal with the hassle and discomfort of a strapless bra. I got you! You can try my go-to strapless – The Red Carpet Convertible Bra from Wacoal. I love it so much that I have a post about it! Ha! It is comfortable and size-inclusive.

Alright, you are set with two unique little black dresses! Want other outfit ideas? Check out other posts here and here.

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