Need some workwear for curves but don’t know where to start? I hear you! Here is the effortless workwear starter pack for curves.

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Where to Start

Workwear for curves is about getting great basics and foundational items. Here’s the thing you really don’t need a ton of things for work. Conversely, you just need some pieces that can be interchangeable and simple. More importantly, you need them to actually fit. Alright, let’s go!

1. Button Up Shirt

First, you need to have a good button up shirt. This is essential because it’s something that is not trendy. Therefore, you can wear it over and over and again. This one actually fits curves – it can be buttoned up. Wear this shirt tucked in or out. Also, you can wear with shirts and jeans. I got a size xl.

2. Black Pants – A Workwear Must Have

Next up is a good pair of black pants. You can start with one pair. I like to get a few different styles to mix it up. For example, try a stretchy paper bag waist style or a wide leg pair. Both are pull on style and high waisted! I got both styles in an xl.

Bonus tip: A really good pair of black jeans can be worn like black pants. Just make sure they are simple and clean without rips, fading, or holes.

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3. Pleated Skirts Aren’t Just for Twirling

After that, stock up on a pleated skirts in different colors. A midi length skirt can be worn pretty much any season. Likewise it provides a good amount of coverage.

3. You Need a Pencil Skirt – Trust Me

Additionally, after a pleated skirt, the next item you need is a pencil skirt. I feel like a pencil skirt is just a great classic piece. Likewise, it looks fantastic on curves. The key is to make sure the fit is appropriate for work. For instance, you want it to be not too tight and not too lose. In contrast, you want it to skim your frame. I got this one in a 2xl.

4. Get a Blazer

Also, you need a couple of blazers. This is a no brainer. A blazer provides structure and a polished look. I avoid an oversized blazer for work. Instead, go with a size that fits you! I got a size large.

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4. Mock Turtleneck Top

After that, I think you need a mock turtleneck top. It’s good to have as you can wear it on its own or with a blazer. Likewise, you can pair this top with pants, skirts, or jeans. I got a size xl.

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5. Crew Neck or V-Neck Sweater

Another item that I use a lot is a basic crew neck or V-neck sweater. What’s good about these sweaters is that they are thin. They are great for layering. Likewise, they can be worn throughout the seasons. Also, you can roll the sleeves up or keep them down. These sweaters can be worn with different items. For example, they work with your pants, jeans, or skirts. skirts. I got both styles in an xl.

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6. A Set of Belts

Next, another item I think that is underrated is getting a set of good belts! You want to have belts that that are going to work for pants, skirts, and dresses. A belt instantly adds structure to an outfit. For instance, it can cinch a dress in at the waist. It can pull an outfit together and add a polished feel.

7. A Good Pair of Flats

Additionally, get yourself a pair of good flats. Go with black and a neutral color. A comfy pair of flats will work with pretty much any outfit. I went true to size with both pairs.

8. Heels You Can Wear

Also, add a good pair of heels to the list! A pair that is a low heel and comfortable is a must. Going with a lower heel as it is more practical. Therefore, you are more likely to wear them. Similarly, go with a closed toe style as it is more versatile. I went with a half size up for comfort.

9. Basic Tee Top

Additionally, get a basic tee in black, white, and cream. You want these tees to not be too tight and just skim your frame. These are going be great for layering with a blazer or cardigan.

10. Jeans for Work

A workwear wardrobe would not be complete without a couple pairs of jeans! These are pairs with a simple design and no holes or rips. Also, go with mid to high rise for sufficient coverage. I have more thoughts on jeans in this post here.

11. A Simple Gold Jewelry

Lastly, get a really simple necklace. A gold necklace with an initial for instance, just something really dainty. I avoid a statement necklaces as they aren’t as versatile. Likewise, I would go with a pair of little gold hoops, or studs. These will go with pretty much anything. 

All right, now you are ready to go to work in style! Want more style ideas? Check out the post here and here.

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