A Bodycon dress, when the fit is right it, can be one of your best items in your closet. Here are styles that look dynamite.

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Why Are Bodycon Dresses So Good

I think bodycon dresses are kind of designed for curves. They just really celebrate curves. I started wearing bodycon dresses about 3-4 years ago.  Before that, I felt like they wouldn’t work for me, but I think what I needed to do was figure out the right fit.  I think that you want to try different styles. Have them in your closet for whenever the moment comes that you want to go out. Alright, here are the styles I like and keep wearing.

1. Long Sleeve Midi Dress

First, get a basic long sleeve bodycon dress. You can get it in black maybe a neutral color. You can add a belt if you want,  wear them with boots, heels, or strappy sandals. Then just have add really cute bag. 

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2. Mock Turtleneck Dress

Likewise, I really like a mock turtleneck style dress. I feel like they always look really pretty. Also, the midi length gives you more coverage. You can go add a little heel or strappy sandals.

3. One Shoulder Bodycon Dress

Similarly, another style is a one shoulder dress. You can do one a shoulder dress with a long sleeve or one with no sleeves. It looks really pretty as long as you have the correct undergarments. The strapless bra I can use the one that I mentioned before here is from Wacoal. This style of dress always looks really good on and it’s something different!

4. Sheer Puff Sleeve

Also, a bodycon dress with ruching and sheer sleeves looks fantastic on as it gives you that coverage and it’s usually stretchy. These usually come in fun colors in addition to black.

“When done right, bodycon dresses have the power to unleash our sultry side that we usually reserve for special occasions — date night, girls’ night out and Halloween (Mean Girls, anyone?).”

Source: Us Magazine

5. Sweater Dress

Lastly, I would really look into sweater dresses. These are fantastic because the sweater material is usually ribbed and it’s stretchy. Additionally, thicker material automatically gives you some coverage. There are a variety of styles of these sweater dresses. You can wear them with heels and all kinds of different options. They look great with like a trenchcoat when it’s cooler or a long coat.

Don’t Forget Shapewear and the Right Bra

I use shapewear from Spanx. I think works pretty well. Also, the Strapless Bra from Wacoal is another good option to you to make sure you feel supported. Then you can just throw the dress on. I love this bra so much! Check out my post on it here.

In closing, don’t shy away from trying to body con dress just focus on your fit and stretch and structure. Want more style ideas? Check out the post here.

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