Livestream Shopping is showing up everywhere. It’s a fun way to share and monetize your favorite items and jump into affiliate marketing. I’m sharing my tips on how to start your own live stream.

This post was originally published in February 2022 and updated in June 2023.

So, I have been doing weekly livestream shopping sessions for well over two years and loving it! I’m an Amazon Live A-List Creator (woo-hoo). In other words, that means I’ve been doing quite a few lives. Also, that I have built an audience that tunes in! I included a few of my livestream replays.

This is just my experience on how I got started with my lives. Refer to Amazon’s Operating Agreement for the most current practices!

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Why Do a Livestream

First, let’s get into why I like livestreaming. My time to create content is limited and I am guessing yours is too. When you do a livestream, you don’t have to edit your content. Editing is one of those time consuming things that can get in the way of content creation. In contrast, when you go live, whatever you created is whatever your audience will see. Additionally, you can go live on your own schedule and for however long you want to. There are less barriers to getting your content out into the world. I am so into that!

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Prepare, prepare, prepare

Although you don’t have to worry about editing when you go live, you do need to put in more time to prep. The time and effort you put into prepping for your live will pay off. It will result in a smooth livestream session for you and the audience.

Quick Prep Tips:

  • Have notes to make sure you don’t forget anything. I used to write down the size of the items and other notes when I first started out. That helped me have a script.
  • Review what you are going to say! Sounds like a no-brainer, but it really does help.
  • Have a theme/topic to group items together for the live. I feature at least five items to start. This allows the stream to go long enough to be discovered.
  • Repeat your intro periodically throughout the live. People may pop into the live after you started so you need to repeat the topic and intro for those folks.
  • Direct the audience to follow you and tell them why they should!
  • Do shoutouts for new followers and comments
  • Check your lighting. I use a combination of natural and artificial light (ring light, soft box light). Using a mix ensures that your lighting remains consistent throughout the live session. I use a set of led lights on my face and the floor. The floor lighting makes a difference! You can get all of my equipment here.
  • Set up your area for a successful live! I have a clothing rack with the items hanging or a bar cart with products displayed. Displaying your items lets the audience see what you are going feature.

Think About Angles and the Flow

Also, think about angles and how you want to be seen grabbing things. You want to watch yourself in the camera before to see how things look to the audience. Similarly, try to minimize fumbling around. Some bloopers are ok, after a while that it seem unorganized. Likewise, that could be uncomfortable for the audience to watch. Livestreams are all about the user experience. Once you figure out your prep workflow, you will be doing livestreams like a boss!

“Livestream shopping is giving brands and influencers a video platform for showcasing and selling their wares while chatting with customers who are, in turn, interacting with each other.”

Source: Yahoo Finance

During the Livestream

Next, after all of that prep, you want to think through your actual live. Plan it out to ensure that the session is smooth. This includes considering your own dialogue, your pace, and audience engagement.


Stories Bring Your Reviews to Life!

You want to engage your audience while trying to get them to stay and watch the live. How do you do that? Stories! Think of brief stories relevant to the products you are sharing. Livestream shopping is all about the products, not you.  Adding stories to your product review makes the live seem more natural. My stories are usually about my size and me trying something new. It is like a conversation with a friend at a coffee shop. Additionally, stories extend the duration of your lives. Also, this makes your session more engaging and easier to watch. 

“Live stream shopping is unedited and spontaneous, so viewers can ask questions and voice concerns in real time versus just calling in to buy an item that’s being showcased.”

Source: WixeCommerce

Watch Your Cadence and Pace

In other words, talk slower than you think you should. You want to do this for a few reasons. It keeps the live relaxing for the audience. Also, it increases the likelihood of them hearing and understanding your message. Likewise, this maintains a natural pace for your livestream. You will seem more confident and comfortable. That avoids seeming like you are just pushing products.

Engage, Engage, Engage

 Pause for engagement! The pause can depend on the platform and if you will repurpose the content. I pause later in my livestreams if I plan to use the content again. Engaging and answering questions makes the audience feel that’s it’s worth it to watch. Also, answering audience questions can increase your sales.  


Build Your Community

Additionally, going live is an excellent way to build your community! Pause periodically throughout your livestream to remind your audience to follow you. Tell them why they should too! For example, I mention that following me will make sure they get notifications of my lives. Also, it will give them updates on what content I add to my storefront! Then, reinforce their willingness to follow you by giving them a shout out! Thank them for following you. Likewise, remember who your regular viewers are and acknowledge them.

Recap to Provide Repetition

I always do a recap and present the products it in a different ways. This gives you a chance to remind people to follow you. Also, it  extends the duration of the live for discovery. Likewise, the audience can get to know you in a different way. Be sure to repeat the question as you answer it. That helps the rest of the audience.  


Treat Your Live Like a Show

Finally, treat your lives like shows. That means trying to go live consistently. I go live once a week on Friday nights at 5:30 pm PST/ 8:30 pm EST. Sometimes I go on Saturdays. Either way, I strive to keep a consistent schedule so my audience knows when to tune in!

Alright! You are now set to do your own livestream shopping! What are you waiting for?

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