A catsuit is not something I thought I could pull off! I was wrong and now it is one of my favorite items. Here is how to style it!

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Don’t you love when you take a chance on something and the style works out? Me too! That was how I got this catsuit! Wearing a romper was a risk and turned out I loved that item. I figured that a catsuit wouldn’t be too different. I just needed to find the right fit.

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Throw a blazer over it

A blazer solves almost every style problem you have. This case is no different! A blazer adds structure. Likewise, it makes it look like I am trying.

Opt for an oversized blazer. This will give you some coverage. Additionally, you will just look straight up chic!

If you’re calling out for a catsuit, there is one final takeaway: confidence. This daring look is going to turn heads and once you step out in it’s imperative you own the look. 

Source: Vogue UK

A Catsuit and a Shacket – The New Favorite

A shacket with a catsuit is another winning combination that I just discovered. Let me tell you why the shacket-catsuit combination works. The shacket is a looser fit item while a catsuit is obviously fitted. So, this creates a balanced silhouette while maintaining a casual vibe. I am into shackets! You can read another post on this item here and here.

Do a mix of casual and a little dressed up for the rest of the look. For example, I added a little quilted bag as my something kind of dressy piece. Then, I added my sneakers to keep it casual.

Alright, are you sold on the catsuit yet? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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