Are you wanting to up your daily productivity and gratitude at the same time? Yes! Here are easy to use tools to catapult both of these.

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Productivity With Some Gratitude – The Winning Combo

Productivity and gratitude! I feel like these are two things that if you have them in abundance, you can be unstoppable! I think productivity is making sure you’re being efficient with your time. Prioritizing what to focus on and that you are in alignment. Being in a daily habit of gratitude is what will facilitate being in alignment. Alright, here are the tools to kickstart your productivity while getting you into an attitude of gratitude on the daily.

The Notes App on Your IPhone

First, the tool that is boosting my productivity is the Notes App on my IPhone! This is the app we all already have on our phones. Here is how I am using it to get stuff done!

Capturing Thoughts

The Notes App is almost like having an assistant. It just depends on how you use it. I add quick ideas that I might wanna expand on later. For example, I add some short phrases and quotes. Then, I am able to use that to create a blog post or a caption. The idea is to capture your creativity when it strikes! Take those thoughts and store them. Then they are there when you’re ready to flesh them out!

High Frequency Info at Your Reach

Next, I also like this app for storing high frequency information. This is info that I just want to be able to cut and paste. For example, having URLs for websites that I frequently visit. Likewise, I store my measurements and sizing for shopping.

Speech to Text

Additionally, the speech to text feature is my new favorite tool! I talk through ideas and generate content I can use. For example, I will have the speech to text feature on while I put my makeup on in the bathroom. This allows me talk through my ideas while I get ready.

Pro Tip: I noticed if I edit the content that I get from the speech to text as I go, it makes it easier for me to actually use it. I can copy and paste and put it into blog post. Just pause after you say a few phrases. Then, clean up the text and make sure it makes sense. Also, you want to enunciate very clearly because that is going to make sure it truly captures what you’re trying to say.

Gratitude Journal and Daily Planner

Another thing that keeps me on track is using a couple different journals and notebooks. I use these daily. They are both simple but effective!

Gratitude Journal

I have a gratitude journal from the Productivity Store that is a combination of a gratitude, reflection prompts, and habit tracking.  Just completed six months of using this journal daily! It is very simple while getting you into a routine on how you start your day. It impacts my first thoughts as I start my day.

This journal prompts you to:

  • Do a weekly reflection and goals setting for each week. This section includes the three biggest wins of the week. Also, it asks what are three kind of things you did this week.
  • Think about things that were fun or relaxing during the week. Moreover, how can you do more of this next week.
  • Reflect on things that were stressful and how you overcame them. Likewise, the next part of the weekly reflection is to consider how will you make next week even better.

Weekly Habit Tracking

Additionally, my favorite section of this journal is the weekly habit and skills tracking part. This section has an area with a list of blank spaces going from one to seven. You can fill in the habits that you’re tracking and wanting to do more of during the week. The right hand side has the days of the week with an area for you to check off that you completed those habits and skills.

Habits I track:

  • Drinking water
  • Going to the gym
  • Walking 3 to 4 miles a day
  • Waking up between 4:30 and 5:30 am

You can tailor the habits to match whatever season you’re in and what you got going on. Likewise, it just reinforces the idea of focusing on habits versus goals. Keeping up with effective habits will lead to achieving your goals!

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Daily Planner with a Dash of Gratitude

Lastly, the other tool that is fueling my productivity and gratitude practices is a daily planner! This one is also from the Productivity Store. It has some of the elements of the Daily Gratitude Journal with a greater emphasis on goals and organization.

Here are the sections I am really into:

  • Annual goals broken down by categories such as personal, career, health, fitness, relationship, and finances.
  • Habits to break and habits to make (I love that!)
  • Considering what impact will achieving these goals have on your life. Great question, right? Sometimes we have these goals that just sound really good but we don’t dig deeper as to why do we want that achieve them.
  • Breaking down each month kind with a bird’s eye view. Including a section to track salary, wages, and living expenses.
  • Weekly planning by breaking down what are the top three things you want to do.

I love that this planner is pushing you to be honest with yourself and focus!

Then the planner weaves in some gratitude with prompts. For example, it asks what are you grateful for and what was your greatest accomplishment today. Moreover, it asks how will you make tomorrow better. Likewise, there is section for wins and lessons learned. Love that!

Alright, there you have it, those are easy to use tools to catapult your daily productivity and gratitude practices! Check out other creative business tips here. Want more Amazon finds? Check out my Amazon store here.

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