Food can nourish us physically and mentally. Then, let’s add some fashion and fitness. I got to have a conversation about the three Fs -Food, Fashion, and Fitness with Talicia Jackson from Foodie with a Fro. This was a fun one!

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Food Brings Us Together

Talicia shared how she developed her love of food. She mentioned that food brings people together. Food can be part of a bigger story according to Talicia. She has been able to taste a wide range of dishes as a New Yorker. We also chatted about how Talicia developed an appreciation for food through her experiences in culinary school.

Representation Matters

We got into how the media does not typically consider the variety of perspectives within our Black community with respect to marketing. Talicia noted that the community is not a monolith. In other words, don’t toss a rap song into a commercial and expect it to resonate with every Balck individual! Additionally, Talicia discussed how she has discovered a community of other Black foodies as a content creator.

Photography by Talicia Jackson

“Diversity is great, but diversity is only great when everyone has an equal voice”

– Talicia Jackson, Foodie with a Fro

Food Photography

Talicia provided some insight into her approach to food photography. If you haven’t checked out Talicia’s Instagram feed, you need to! Her images are rich and vivid. You will want to go eat after scrolling through her content.

Photography by Talicia Jackson


Finally, Talicia discussed her passion for fitness. We got into how her audience asked how she was able to not gain weight while eating so much food! As a result, Talicia began to include fitness posts into her content.

One more thing, Talicia also provided her restaurant recommendation for your next New York visit. Listen to the podcast to hear about her go to spot!

Where you can find Talicia Jackson

Instagram @foodiewithafro

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