It has been a year since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. It was March 11, 2020 to be exact. While we were all absorbing this news and our lives were about to be turned upside down, a book was being created.

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Professor Rosalyn Kahn was in the midst of gathering stories of inspiration to create a book, A Message for Tomorrow’s Leaders. I got to sit down with Rosalyn to talk about her book and her personal story that is equally inspiring.

Professor Rosalyn Kahn is an award winning humanitarian, TedX speaker, syndicated TV host, and author. She is a professor in the communications department in the Los Angeles Community College system.

Here are the take aways from our conversation:

Turning Challenges into Stories to Inspire Others

Rosalyn shared how she was diagnosed with scoliosis at a young age. She detailed the intensive procedures and treatments she had to endure. This challenge and her response to it became the topic on a Ted Talk.

The Power of Collective Story Telling

We got into the various stories in her book. A Message for Tomorrow’s Leaders is a collection of essays from an array of voices from various walks of life. Although the voices differ, the message of hopefulness and resilience was a consistent thread throughout each page. Give this episode a listen!

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