Red is a fun and bold color! It is the hue to wear when you want to take up space. Here is how to splash a bit of it into your wardrobe.

Up until about four years ago, I wouldn’t wear red. I thought it was “too much” for me. My sense was that having a fuller figure meant that I needed to tone it down. I also was told that it was too loud against my darker complexion. A bunch of nonsense! Now, I wear this gorgeous color in different ways and love it.

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This post was written in August 2018 and was updated in February 2022.

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Why Wear Red?

In my opinion, this is a “seasonless” color. So, you can rock it all year. Also, you can wear it in different ways. There are so many options. Additionally, it is a fun color to wear. I always feel powerful and feminine when I wear this color.

“Color red is passionate, warm, vibrant. It is the color of sexuality, romance, and lust.”

Source: Color Psychology

How to Wear This Color

This is probably the one color I wear most throughout the year. I just wear it in different ways. However, keep in mind that there are a variety of shades. Finding the right shade for you is key. I am drawn to orange based reds as they compliment my complexion. Try different hues to figure out the right tone for you. Maybe you are a blue based kind of gal? You won’t know until you try different shades out. Alright, here are some ways to wear red:

A Dress

A red dress is a bold piece. It makes a statement before you even say anything. Therefore, you can keep everything else simple. For example, you don’t need to add a bunch of accessories. Let the dress shine! Don’t wear items that will compete with your dress.

A Top

Likewise, I like to wear a couple of red pieces. For example, a red top is always good too! Just add a pair of jeans.

A Pop of Red

Also, a pop of color is way to add something visually interesting to an outfit. You can add the pop of red with a purse, hat or shoes.

Black woman in a polka dot dress
Black woman in a polka dot dress

A Pop of Red Lip Color

Lastly, the pop of color that I am almost always sporting is a red lip. I love my MAC lip color! Again, keep everything else simple. No need to add anything else!

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