Street style is everywhere! You want to try it out, but you don’t want to look silly, right? Here are tips to pull this look off!

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I am sure that you have seen these edgy street style outfits on social media, magazines, or Pinterest. How can you miss it? These looks bring together casual and luxe items in unexpected ways. Additionally, there are no rules on what items you can pair with each other. In my opinion, street style is the ultimate example of the consumers (us) telling fashion what is in. More specifically, it symbolizes the rise of individualism in fashion. This is a “come as you are” and “be who you will” type of style.

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Streetwear is a casual fashion style that first became popular in the 1990s.

Source: MasterClass

How To Pull It Off Street Style

Okay, so now that you know why I like style so much, lets get into how to wear it. Although there are no rules attached to this of style, you need to keep certain concepts in mind to not look like a fool! You don’t want to look straight up sloppy or as if you are headed to a garage sale. Nothing wrong with garage sales – you can find some good stuff. However, that is not what we are going for here.

Get Some Items That You Can Mix Up

It took me awhile to nail a street style inspired look. Remember how we talked about individualism? How this style is driven by the person not the fashion trends? So, that meant I needed to first find items that worked for me and my size. Yeah, we had to go back to that.

“One of streetwear’s biggest fashion wins was bringing sweatshirts into the realm of high fashion. Streetwear aficionados often wear baggy denim, oversize sweatshirts, and other loose-fitting garments, breaking the rules of proportion to fashionable effect.”

Source: MasterClass

Some Loose Items and Some Fitted Street Style Items

Next, you want to use the combination of loose and fitted items. This avoids looking sloppy. For example, a fitted item with a loose item layered on top. A street style inspired look is all about visual interest paired with individuality.

A Black Dress

Then, a black dress! I love a bodycon dress! They are super easy to wear and you can layer with them. Get a basic black one that skims your frame. For example, not too tight so that it can be worn casually.

A Hoodie

Also, get a hoodie. It took a while for me to find a hoodie that I liked. I found a hoodie dress. However, you can go with a basic hoodie or a cropped one. The idea is to have one that looks comfy. This is one of your loose items.

Faux Leather

Additionally, add faux leather to your arsenal of items. Faux leather anything works for this style. This can be a loose or fitted item. I have my faux leather leggings as my fitted items. In contrast, my faux leather shorts are looser.

A Blazer

This is a no-brainer. However, listen up before you pull out your Ann Taylor blazer. A street style inspired look is about playing with proportions. Therefore, you are going to want more of an oversized blazer in a longer length.

The Most Important Piece: You

Lastly, the best part about street style is that you can do you! Bring your own flavor to the party since there are no rules. Wear what you want! Create the a street style inspired look with items you already own. In contrast, try something new. The point is to bring your vibe to your outfit and have fun. You can check out another expected style I tried (and loved) here.

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