It is the perfect time to start a blog. It can take some time but it is so worth it. Here are the reasons to launch (or relaunch) your blog.

I opened up email and got a notification from WordPress that it’s been 5 years since I started blogging!! That means 3 years since I started my podcast too!! I still enjoy both activities. So, I figured I should create a post with reasons why you should start a blog. Here are the reasons why you should:

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Blogging has allowed me to try creative shoots like this one.

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Everyone Isn’t Blogging

Everyone is not creating and maintaining a blog. There were so many people blogging when I first started. So many! Most of those folks who were, are no longer blogging today. Here is why – It is harder than it looks! Most bloggers just maintain an Instagram instead. Therefore, by creating a blog you are going to be able to differentiate yourself.

Here are my go to blogging tools!

Additionally, you won’t be as stressed out by Instagram’s ever changing algorithm. No worrying about how a post performed or if you will lose followers when you post! Wouldn’t that be fantastic? You can post on IG while to being as creative as you want to be on your own blog. Your home base!

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To Have a Home Base

Your blog can be your space to round up your posts and content from other platforms. You can embed pretty much any media. Also, you can expand on ideas or concepts with longer form content. Go beyond a caption or a 15 second video. You can create a coherent story about the topics you care about.

One of my first posts!

I think you can also be more dynamic on your blog. Let me explain, I know that my IG audience is coming for style or body positivity. Those are posts that get the most engagement. On my blog I can get into other topics as much if I feel like it! There is a world of readers Good stuff right?

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It Can Change Your Life

It sounds cliche, but it is true! You never know who will find your blog and read your posts. I have gotten opportunities because of my blog. For example, I have been able to contribute to a publication because of the content I post on my blog.

“Blogging can lead to other business/traffic generating opportunities.”


No Need to Compare and Despair

When you are creating on your blog, there is no additional noise. You can just create, write, and tweak your blog content. I talk about how to do that in a post here. No need to worry about follower count or any of the other baggage that comes with social media platforms. You can lean into writing about what you value. If you don’t want to write, you can move the featured posts around. You can round up your posts from other platforms into a theme. You can do what you want.

Just get to creating and posting on your blog! You never know what opportunities will appear because of it!

What do you think?

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