Although I have been using eSalon hair color for some time, I just recently went to their Color Studio for the first time! Here is a review of my visit. Continue Reading

Maxi Dress

It is officially dress season (my favorite season!!). This is also when we attend outdoor parties, graduations, or showers. That means that you need to have a dress ready to go. I found one, this maxi dress.Continue Reading

Gingham dress

Every year, I pick up a couple of gingham pieces. I love the classic feel of gingham. It’s a print that reminds me of Spring and Summer. I had to snatch up this dress as soon as I saw it! If I didn’t, I knew I would regret it! WhoContinue Reading

Spring Transition

Spring is here but it doesn’t feel like it, right? The weather is a bit unpredictable so you can’t put away all of your winter items just yet. Here are some ideas for this in-the-meantime in-between-time!Continue Reading

Thrifted Dress

Thrifting can provide you with an opportunity to try something different. Once you find a piece you love, then you need to be able to style your thrifted item. Cue this post! Continue Reading