I’ve been blogging since 2014 and it still brings me joy. I have some tips on how to create content consistently and still enjoy blogging.

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I remember when I was in 5th grade and created a comic book. I drew the characters and came up with the stories. It was about teenage twin girls and their high school life. I started off strong and had multiple issues. I would bring the issues to school for my classmates to read. Although it was fun creating these comics, it was a lot of work! So, I just stopped doing it. My little 5th grade self got and early lesson on how creating content requires a commitment.

It is so easy to overestimate the importance of one defining moment and underestimate the value of making small improvements on a daily basis.

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Sustainability and Content Creation

I know that people talk about consistency as something that it’s really important for content creation. For me, I feel like more than consistency is really knowing yourself and the context in which you live in. It is knowing how much you can handle and sustain. For example, what can you do over time, season after season, even when things get stressful. It is being realistic regarding your time, life situation, and self-care.

It’s the sustainability for me

When I start something, I want to make sure it’s going to be something that I can sustain. So, here are the ways that I have sustained my kind of pace to create content over the last few years.

create content

Find Your Rhythm

First, establishing a practical routine has been critical to my longevity with content creation. I talked about this in another episode and post here. I needed to find a rhythm, get in a zone that would work. I think finding what we refer to in education as a “zone of proximal development” or your “flow” makes a big difference. It is a balance between where you feel like it’s an enjoyable activity and you’re still pushing yourself. However, it’s not stressful to the point that it is overwhelming you and leading to burnout. So, for me, before I start something, I really think about how much time I can put in. More specifically, I consider how can I incorporate activities into my routines and life.

Also, I think considering your relationships and responsibilities can protect you from getting burnt out. Once burn out sets in, you could feel too much pressure and decide not to create content anymore.

Don’t Forget Your People

Next, relationships matter! Whether they like it or not, your loved ones will be impacted by your content creation. Moreover, I think it is important to consider how much your loved ones can handle. Over the years, I have needed to find a balance to determine what I’m gonna take on and what I can’t do. Also, I think considering your relationships and responsibilities can protect you from getting burnt out. Once burn out sets in, you could feel too much pressure and decide not to create content anymore.

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Además, creo que es importante considerar cuánto pueden soportar sus seres queridos. Durante los últimos años, he necesitado encontrar un equilibrio para determinar qué voy a asumir y qué no puedo hacer. Además, creo que considerar sus relaciones y responsabilidades puede protegerlo de agotarse. Una vez que comienza el agotamiento, puede sentir demasiada presión y decidir no crear más contenido de blog.

Self Care & Creating Content

Additionally, be proactive with your self-care. I’m OK if I need to take a break. Unless it’s like some kind of a partnership or collaboration, I take mini breaks when needed. I do this even if that means that the Instagram algorithm kind of punishes me by not showing my content. I just go back into posting more again and engaging more than I get back into the algorithm. I might even create maybe do a video maybe do a live do something to kind of get the algorithm to show your your content more to your followers.

Take a break if you need to, it’s (NTS) Not That Serious

I feel like it’s important to just take a break if you need to because you don’t want to be, you know, just cranking out trash content. I talked about this and creating posts your readers will love here. People can tell you’re phoning it in and then they will loose interest.

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Put Social Media in Perspective

Also, I just remember Instagram is just an app. Tiktok is just an app. If you create a post and it performs well, great. If you create a post and you thought it was wonderful and it is crickets that’s fine too. Here’s the thing. Our attention spans are short. The life of a social media posts is only about 24 hours and then folks are on to the next thing. So, it’s not productive to get too caught up in one post regardless of how it performs. Other than using the data on how it performed to inform other content, don’t get too attached to your posts.

When you don’t get too attached to the post performance on IG, a few things happen. You get more comfortable taking risks. Your posts won’t need to be perfect, just good enough. You also don’t feel upset when you don’t get sufficient “likes”. This frees you up to more creative and to continue to enjoy the process of content creation.

create content

Focus on Your Content

Keep learning and consuming information

The way I focus on my content is by continually learning and consuming information. I feel like I get the best ideas from like information that has nothing to do with style fashion or blogging just you know from podcast on life psychology self development or just following your favorite news outlet and see what the conversations are out there. Keep yourself current on what people are talking about through different sources like Answer the Public, Exploding Topics, Google Alerts, and Pinterest. Then you can put your own spin on things.

Don’t compare & despair

Finally, when you focus on your IG growth as the main metric you run the risk of getting into the comparison game. Asking, “hey why am I not at that number yet?”. You can’t win at that game and you don’t truly know what that other person is doing and if it is actually lucrative. Instead, zero in on your content. Look at ways to make your space on the internet interesting and engaging. You will have more fun that way, I promise.

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