You don’t want to leave your job but you have a lot of other interests. Also, you think about how it would be to pursue one of those interests. How would it be if you could get paid for it too? I’m here to tell you that it’s possible! Additionally, guess what? Anything is possible!

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This post will give you some steps to take to decide which side hustle you want to build. Here’s how to decide what you want to pursue and monetize it.

My Side Hustle Story

I started blogging back in 2016. Just me taking mirror selfies in my room and lots of visits to Target. Fast forward 6 years later and I have a thriving creative business. I’m an Amazon Live Creator who shares curvy style and beauty. Likewise, my side hustle business has led to amazing experiences! For example, I was able to be featured in a docuseries for Hulu and appear on CNN Español. Crazy, right?

Amazon Live’s VIP Lounge for VidCon 2022

“Having multiple sources of income is empowering”

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I built and monetized my creative business, my side hustle, while working full time as an educational psychologist. Additionally, I went to graduate school and got my doctorate. I am mom and wife too. So, it’s possible! Alright, enough about me.

“One of the best parts about a side hustle is that you have complete control over it.”

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The Difference Between a Side Hustle and a Hobby

There is a difference between a hobby and a potential side hustle. For example, sometimes your hobby can become your side hustle. There is some convergence and divergence between these activities.

A side hustle and a hobby can be that thing that gives you that sense of flow. Also, time flies when you are doing it. You would do this activity for hours for free. It’s the thing that holds your attention without a ton of effort. It’s an activity that you enjoy. Likewise, you probably have an extensive bank of knowledge regarding this interest.

However, a hobby may not be something someone will pay you to share. It doesn’t solve a problem someone else has. Likewise, not enough people find it entertaining. Also, you don’t have an exceptional skill in this area. It’s just fun. More specifically, a hobby meets your needs.

Use the resources you have! For example, I have gotten good at taking my selfies for my Amazon Live thumbnails.
Double down on what you know and enjoy! My love for style, beauty, and talking (hahaha) has led to be pitching and landing a live series on Pinterest TV. Do what you love and know!

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Getting interviewed by CNN Español

Selecting Your Side Hustle Step by Step

In contrast, a side hustle does a bit more. It can meet your needs and the needs of others. More specifically, a side hustle does one or the following three things: solve a problem, educates, or inspires. It’s offering some sort of value to the world. It’s the thing you do uniquely well. Also, you don’t mind doing it.

Here are some steps to take to get you going!

Observe Yourself.

First, self-observation will lead to the realization. Observe what you tend to do with your free time. For example, what piques your interest. Then, write all of those ideas down and what you like about these topics. These will be your bank of potential side hustles. Pay attention to how you feel as you write about these ideas. Which ones that spark joy and energy in you? Those may be the ideas that will be the most sustainable side hustles.

Observe Others.

Next, pay attention to what your friends and family ask you about. The topics or activities that others tend to ask you about are your areas of expertise. You may be thinking that you are not an “expert”. Here’s the thing, you don’t need a ton of degrees to be perceived as knowledgeable. Just more information than the next person. Having a side hustle you can monetize requires that you add something of value to others.

I was so excited to share about being Afrolatina!

Start the Work.

Then, get to it! Now comes the fun part. It’s the execution of your idea or topic. Start your side hustle now. We sometimes think that we need to have a big event or complicated process to launch a new idea. You don’t. You just need to start where you are with what resources you have. There is no need to wait to feel “ready”. Just go. Likewise, this is important as you want to filter out ideas that are not going to work.

Start the Journey.

Now you are ready to get your Side Hustle on! Remember that there may be times that you may not enjoy it as much. Also, you may be limited on time. That’s the deal with everything. The business aspect of activities can be a downer. However, keep in mind that you are learning.

Evaluate the Side Hustle.

Finally, you brainstormed, observed yourself and others, and started the work. Now, it is time to get really honest with yourself. Is this an activity that I can keep carving out time to do? Will there be enough Return On Investment (ROI) to take this side hustle on? Finally, do I enjoy doing this work?

Also, refine the various aspects of your side hustle. Consider if there is something you can stop doing or do more of. Double down on what is working.

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To conclude, push through these steps and growing pains. If you are wondering about how to make time for your side hustle, check out my post and podcast episode on that here. Wanting to get into creating livestream shopping content, check this post and podcast episode here. Be patient because as I said before: Anything Is Possible!

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