Blogging can you feel like you’re talking to no one. You want your posts to be meaningful to your readers. Here are tips to crafting posts your readers will love!

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The content that I post on my blog has shifted since I first started. When I started my blog years ago, my posts were just documenting my outfits. For instance, I would just mention what I am wearing and where I bought everything. There wasn’t much thought that went into the posts. Find out about the beginning of my blog journey here.

Now, I treat my posts as a way provide information or perspectives on different topics. I research my post topic so that it’s meaningful to the reader. As a result, traffic to my blog increased significantly! Here are some ways to craft a post worth reading:

What’s a Problem You Can Solve

First, think about who will read your blog and what problem can you solve for them. For me, my conversations with my sister provide a range of problems to solve. For instance, it could be about trying to figure out how to wear a certain style. Also, we have been talking about culture and society more recently (isn’t everyone?). Anyway, these conversations have fueled my blog posts.

People don’t want to read the same blog post over and over again when they’re looking for information. So how do you make your blog post different? You dive into specifics. You share details. You create a unique spin on a broader idea.

Source: The Write Life

Give Readers What They Want

Next, if you aren’t sure what people are looking to read about, you can look that up. In addition to Google, you can do a search on Pinterest to see what people are pinning. Likewise, you can also look at this other thing I just earned about recently called Exploding Topics. This is a site that lists the topics that are being currently searched for the most.

What are Your Own Fears and Worries

In addition to searching topics, you can consider your own fears. We are all human. Leaning into your own challenges can provide inspiration for your posts. Moreover, there will be readers who can relate or simply appreciate your vulnerability. For example, the post I wrote on having a plan for the school year was based on my concern for having a less chaotic school year.

Backup Your Position With Sources

Although your blog posts are based on your opinion, it doesn’t hurt to have sources. Add information from other articles out there. This does a few of things. First, it gives your readers more information on a topic. As a result, they will leave your site feeling smarter. Additionally, it also increases your depth of knowledge. You learn more too which makes you more of an authority on the topic. Finally, it makes your post more searchable as it is linked to other sites.

Dime En Español

Todos somos humanos. Escribir sobre sus propios desafíos puede inspirar sus publicaciones. Habrá seguidores que puedan relacionarse o simplemente apreciar su vulnerabilidad. Por ejemplo, la publicación que escribí sobre tener un plan para el año escolar se basó en mi preocupación por tener un año escolar menos caótico.

Remember Why You Started

Lastly, I know thinking about your “why” is an overused term. However, it’s true! Whenever I’m feeling stressed about blogging or content creation, I go back to my “why”. This should be fun. Also, your readers can tell if you aren’t into it.

Are you inspired? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great post! It’s so true that your posts change as you grow. I found out after a year blogging, that I was not a fan of posting photos of myself. I like to spread some humor along the way and talk about what is affecting me at present. I have been following your blog for years and always enjoy reading. Happy October. . .

    1. Author

      Hi Neti! Thanks so much for reading my posts and following my blog. I think it’s good keep your posts fresh and fun. So it doesn’t get boring for the blogger or readers.

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