Aging: We all have to deal with it and there is so much associated with it. It’s my birthday, so I thought this was the perfect time to reflect on the concept of aging. My sister and I had a conversation for Episode 56 of the Don’t Mix In Podcast.

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Society’s View on Aging

People live in dread of getting older. The perception is that the clock is ticking in your late 20s. We talked about the idea that men may go into to “compare and despair”, comparing their career and finances to other men. Meanwhile, women ask “am I still relevant?”. Women wonder if they will become invisible and less desirable as they age. In contrast, we both believe that we are multi-faceted as women. I talk about my thoughts on that in this post here.

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We get into how, although we may not want to age, the 20s aren’t necessarily the best decade. It’s typically time of a lot changes. There are some questions to answer during that decade and accelerated growth.

“Although some researchers have tried to argue that midlife is when we’re at our lowest, they’re heavily outweighed by studies suggesting that happiness increases with age…”

Source: Self Magazine

We talk about how confidence has come with aging. You can have goals but there’s less pressure. We both talked about we are now more flexible with our timelines for goals.

Dime En Español

Aprender mientras envejece…Otro tema fue cómo uno se hace más consciente de lo que funciona para uno como persona. Y lo que no funciona. Hablamos de cómo está bien establecer límites.

Learning as You Age

Another theme related to aging was how you become more aware of what works for you. And, what doesn’t work for you. We get into how it’s okay to set boundaries.

Physical Activity Having a Larger Role

We talked about physical activity. We both realized how it’s become critical to our energy and life.

What Would You Say to Your Younger Self

We both mentioned that we would tell our younger selves that “you’re enough”. Similarly, that some people will like you and some won’t. And, that’s just fine.

Finally, hear about how J.Lo has been my go to when it comes to the perception of aging.


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