One way to work smarter when it comes to creating is to repurpose content. Here are the ways I reuse, repurpose, and just make the most of my blog content.

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Up until a couple of years ago, I was constantly trying to crank out new blog posts non-stop! It was a cycle of brainstorming, shooting content, and hoping that what I was creating was worthwhile. This was fun at first, but then became a bit stressful when I felt like I couldn’t come up with a topic.

Instead of putting in those extra hours, you can become more effective at work by focusing on what really matters. 

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How I Got the Idea

Then, I listened to a podcast episode from ProBlogger while I was at the gym. Anyway, the topic was how to repurpose your blog content. This episode literally changed the way I created content and how I analyze my posts! I researched this concept further and learned something significant. First, that not everyone will see you posts the first time. Second, to make your content into small pieces so that it is easier to consume.

Let’s break down both of these ideas:

Since not everyone will see your posts the first time, that means that you can revise them. You can update them with additional information or just polish them up a bit. That way you are not having to start with a topic from scratch.

Most of the time, I let my readers and followers determine which posts get a refresh. I look at my analytics to see what pages are being visit or what blog posts seem to be getting more views. Then I go to those posts and consider a couple of ways it can be revised. It can be that I add new text and references in the post. I can also add new images as well.

Sometimes I decide to leave the post as is and create a sequel to the post to create a series of posts. I talked about creating posts your readers will love here. I can break the topic into smaller pieces. That way it is easier to read.

Ways to Break up Content Across Social Media Channels

  1. Pull out a quote for Twitter. Twitter is about words and quick commentary. There are usually quotes that capture the idea of a piece of content. I like to pull those quotes to post on Twitter.
  2. Post one concept on LinkedIn. This platform is also about words in the form of big ideas. I pull the concepts out from a post and discuss them in a post. This is a great place to discuss the “why” behind a post.
  3. Summarize for Instagram & TikTok. These two platforms are all about short form content. Folks are not looking to read. In fact, they usually are not going to leave these platforms to go to a blog. They need to be really compelled to do so. Therefore, go with summarizing your post briefly in caption or within the content itself.
  4. Post links and quick thoughts on Facebook. This platform doesn’t get as many views. However, you can post direct links to your blog or other evergreen content. I post in my Facebook blog page and on my personal Facebook.

Okay, now that you don’t need to be scrambling to create content! Want to read more on creating content? Check out this post here on consistency.


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