Need an easy outfit for summer? Go with a one shoulder maxi dress. This is a winning combo you will absolutely love.

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Why Wear a One Shoulder Maxi Dress?

We all know why the maxi dress is such a fantastic style! However, if you don’t, check out my posts here. This style has been on trend for years, and for good reason. Add a one shoulder style to the mix, that is even better. A one shoulder maxi dress is visually interesting, elevates a look, and is comfortable.

It is a Visually Interesting Style

A one shoulder style plus a maxi dress is a unique combo. For example, it brings an asymmetrical look with the one shoulder neckline. Also, it creates balance with the variation in coverage on the top and bottom. For example, you get the coverage of the long skirt with a shoulder exposed. Therefore, this combination makes for a lovely silhouette

“With maxi dresses come effortless ease and elegant allure. A full-length frock that hovers slightly above ground is a no-brainer when it comes to summer style. And surely a floaty floor-skimming dress will be the only thing you want to wear when it’s too hot for clothes.”

Source: Vogue

The One Shoulder Elevates the Look

Second, the one shoulder style combined with a maxi dress adds a little something different to the look. For instance, the one shoulder neckline is a fitted and feminine style. In contrast, a maxi dress is a casual and cool stye. This neckline dresses this style up a bit as a result.

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

Lastly, and more importantly, a maxi dress is comfy. Similarly, the flowly style usually comes in breathable fabric, perfect for the warmer months. Also, you can throw this style on and go!

Alright, so go ahead and wear a one shoulder maxi dress! You won’t regret it! Want other outfit ideas? Check out other posts here and here.

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