The pencil skirt is a timeless item. However, it’s easy to look old-fashioned with this skirt. Here are fresh ways to wear this classic.

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“The pencil skirt as we recognise it today first entered the world several decades later in 1954, when Christian Dior’s H-line collection introduced another new shape for the modern woman.”

Source: Vogue Australia
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First, get the right pencil skirt for you. In other words, get a pencil skirt that you will actually wear. I look for my skirts to skim my frame. I avoid getting one that is too tight for a few reasons. One – it won’t be comfortable. Two – It won’t be versatile enough to wear for different situations.

Style it like a Pair of Pants

Before you ask, “huh?” Hear me out. We often envision a professional or formal setting when we think of a pencil skirt. We limit the use of this piece to a few situations. This skirt then sits in your closet waiting for the ideal opportunity to be worn. Forget that! When I wear pants I often pair it with a basic top, heels, and a belt. Easy, right? That is what you can do with a pencil skirt. Superimpose this formula on to a skirt and create a casual look. This allows your it to be a versatile piece in your closet.

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Try a Different Pencil Skirt

Don’t shy away from a different style because this is considered to be a classic piece. In other words, try pencil skirts that come in faux leather, tweed, or have a unique detail. Think of it as a classic with a twist. For example, I opted for this wrap style skirt. Going with these interpretations of this piece also brings some visual interest to an outfit. We are here for that.

Wear it with What You Want

Lastly, style your pencil skirts with what you want to wear! Not into heels? Go for a pair of flats or sneakers. Love your graphic tees? Throw one on and tuck it into your skirt. The options are endless. Make it your own. This will increase the number of wears you get out of this piece. Additionally, you will feel dynamite! Oh, we are so here for that! I love a good skirt Here is another post on a different style skirt.

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Alright, there you have it. How are you going to rock your pencil skirt? Tell me in the comments below.

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