Why this is the perfect time to start a  blog


5 Years Ago....

I opened up my email and got a notification from WordPress that it’s been 5 years since I started blogging!! I still enjoy it. So, I rounded up some reasons why you should start a blog.


everyone isn't

doing it

Here is why – It is harder than it looks! Most bloggers just maintain an Instagram instead. Therefore, by creating a blog you are going to be able to differentiate yourself.

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have A home


You can expand on ideas or concepts with longer form content. Go beyond a caption or a 15 second video. You can create a coherent story about the topics you care about.

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it can change your  life

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You never know who will find your blog and read your posts. I have gotten opportunities because of my blog. For example, I have been able to contribute to a publication because of the content I post on my blog.


Finally, when you are creating on your blog, there is no additional noise. You can just create, write, and tweak your blog content. 

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