You Can Pull Off A Bodycon Dress: Here is How

I’m so into Bodycon dresses right now. You may think that you can’t pull this off. I didn’t think I could either until I followed these tips.
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1. Get the right fit

A Bodycon dress, similar to other fitted pieces, can go either really right or really wrong. Let me explain. Getting a Bodycon dress that skims your body gives off a different vibe compared to one that is skin tight. In addition to being uncomfortable, a skin tight dress will show everything! Basically, it is not flattering. 

Conversely, when a Bodycon dress skims your frame, it works with your curves. Additionally, it feels comfortable on. Having a less snug fit also gives off more of a casual vibe. That allows you to style it in different ways. 

2. Thick and Thin Enough

Thicker, more substantial fabric is usually your friend if you are Midsize or have Curves. This is especially true with a Bodycon dress. A sturdier fabric will give you more coverage to avoid undergarments or shapewear showing through. Yeah, I wear shapewear under these dresses. You can get the one I wear here. I wear it in a 2X. You can get my go to strapless here

At the same time, you don’t want the fabric to be so thick that it makes you hot. So it is a balance.

“The return of the bodycon trend actually doesn’t surprise me. It’s a trend that I didn’t love during it’s heyday in the ‘2000s, but it’s no longer just about bandage dresses—now the silhouettes I’m seeing somehow seem fresh and cool and very wearable.”

Source: Who What Wear

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3. Get a Color You Love

Lastly, get a Bodycon dress in a color you absolutely LOVE! A color that looks dynamite on you.  Here is why, if the fit and feel is on point then having a color that lights you up is the cherry on top. Also, going with a color you love will more than likely make it easier for you to wear it with what you already own. 

As always, you will never know if a style is for you unless you give it a try! As a Midsize and Curvy woman, I truly believe that any trend is game if it feels good when you put it on.  That’s always where I start with an item. Does it feel good? If it doesn’t, then I skip it. 

Alright, your turn, what’s a style you’ve tried that you were surprised worked for you?

Here is a fun video with one of my Bodycon dresses! Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest.

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