A suede jacket isn’t the first item you think of when it comes to wardrobe essentials. I got some reasons that will change your mind.

Black woman in a suede jacket

Going to let you in on a little secret… Although I have owned almost every other type of jacket, I haven’t ever owned a suede jacket until now. This was the case for a range of reasons. The primary reason was that I couldn’t find one I liked. Also, let’s be honest, one that actually fit.

Black woman in a suede jacket

I would admire suede jackets on others and just thought they aren’t for me. This was until I applied the same rules that I used for finding a leather jacket. I talked about that in a post here. I found one I love and here is why you need to find yourself one too!

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Black woman in a suede jacket

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Think of a Suede Jacket as Good Blazer

A good blazer instantly elevates an outfit, right? It adds some structure. Additionally, it defines your silhouette. That is what a good suede jacket does too! I suggest going with a simple and structured suede jacket. It will instantly create a polished look to an otherwise basic outfit.

Black woman in a suede jacket

It Adds Some Visual Interest

Additionally, a suede jacket brings something interesting to a look. It comes with texture and depending on the tone, it adds color. I don’t layer clothes as much since I am a midsize woman with curves. Although layering can be visually appealing, it can also add volume. I don’t want that! Instead, opt for a textured item like a suede jacket. It looks cool and doesn’t take away from your silhouette.

Black woman in a suede jacket

Everyone Has a Leather Jacket – Be Different

Finally, if the other reasons don’t convince you to get a suede jacket, just get one to be different. Everyone goes with a leather jacket. That’s fine. Why not stand out in a sea of leather jackets with a suede jacket? I bet you will feel cool too!

Black woman in a suede jacket

Okay, did I convince you? What are your thoughts on a suede jacket? Tell me in the comments below!

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